Monthly Archives: June 2013

Thank Gif It’s Friday – Fiji Bound


Thank god it’s Friday. And though we wish we were in Fiji for the Volcom Fiji Pro we can at least be transplanted there by watching some animated gifs of brothers Damien Hobgood and CJ Hobgood getting barrels at Cloudbreak. In addition we can spend some time with SI Swimsuit model, Anne V, who in 2011 did her bikini shoot in Fiji.

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Teahupoo Tuesday


Tahiti’s Teahupoo is considered to be the heaviest left-hand barreling wave in the world. Breaking over razor sharp coral and packing a punch of the entire south Pacific, Teahupoo makes heroes every swell all while humbling the mightiest of surfing’s elite. From Laird Hamilton to Raimana Von Bastolear, Chopes has been the scene of so many dramatic days in surfing it’s hard to keep track. Here’s a few of our favorite moments representative of the awesome power of this amazing wave

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Moto Mondays – Ryan Dungey


Monday is manic. Just another start to a bullshit week in suck city. Unless that is you’re Ryan Dungey. You see, for Dungey Monday is like our Saturday. A day to relax after a long weekend of racing motocross like the boss he is. Winning the Lucas Oil AMA Outdoor Motocross Championship in 2012 means that Dungey is the man to beat in 2013. It also means he gets his Red Bull served on ice by any number of amazingly beautiful Wings Team Members. If that doesn’t make you fly sky high, nothing will. Brraaaaappp.

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Sunday Surfer Girl Collection

Carissa Moore Air Revert Gif

Sunday’s are for sleeping in right? Not if you’re a surfer and not if you’re a woman trying to make it on the WCT against the likes of Carissa Moore, Sally Fitzgibbons or Alana Blanchard. Here’s a Sunday Funday post of Super Duper Surfer Girl Gifs both in and out of the water, which, in both cases, really just makes us want to get back into bed.

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Girls in the Sand Saturday

Girl in the Sand

It’s Saturday. That means it’s time to put on the sunscreen and stroll down to the beach. Strap on your sunglasses and survey the scene. And whether your on the ocean or a lake, blue water or green, there’s nothing more gorgeous than some sultry sand vixens striving ever so hard to get a little bit of Vitamin D….elicious.

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