Monthly Archives: July 2013

Bob Burnquist Backyard Megaramp Gifs


Bob Burnquist is no stranger to pushing the progression of snowboarding, especially in his favorite discipline of Big Air — also known as Mega Ramp. In the 10 or so years since Mega has gone mainstream Bob has taken the torch from founder Danny Way and whimsically carried in henceforth to new heights. Such is the case with his latest video project just released this week ahead of the final X Games in Los Angeles, CA. Dubbed “Bob Burnquist’s ‘Dreamland’ – a backyard progression” we enjoy the Brazilians bold efforts to bring backyard skateboarding into the 21st Century.

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Rollerblade Nut Bust Fail – Ouch!!


Rollerblading was big in the 90s. It even was an X Games sport for a few years. Then it died. It shriveled up, withered, and waddled away from the action sports spotlight. Once a proud grape, this sport of fruit and boot failed to impress the masses and soon relegated to the irrelevant status of a raisin. Small, wrinkled and something you kinda remember enjoying as a kid. In this little gem of unknown origin we see an enthusiastic in-liner losing his manhood and his machismo amongst the ridicule and moans of a crowded skatepark. Our only hope is that at least one of his family jewels hasn’t since lost his luster. For his sake that is. Ouch!!